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Assisting clients seeking investment opportunities, location advantages and new markets.


Geographic Business Solutions (GeoBiz) is an international consulting firm that specializes in utilizing our knowledge base of the US business community and economy for the benefit of our clients.  GeoBiz clients are from anywhere in the world and our services vary with their particular needs.  Also GeoBiz maintains extensive networking contacts with economic development agencies, intermediaries and key decision makers across the United States, Canada and overseas.  We obtain accurate and relevant information that is critical to our clients businesses.  Our services are both tactical and strategic in nature.

Tactical services include analysis performed and recommendations made to our clients that are put into effect themselves.  In other cases we perform strategic services which include all the functions necessary to represent a company in the US with whatever degree of authority our client wishes to delegate.  Often times business managers do not want to be distracted from their normal functions and operations or want anonymity for sensitive projects.  Our service capabilities include:

  • Developing detailed market plans and cost estimates
  • Opening of bank, brokerage and credit accounts
  • Coordinating legal, financial and tax requirements
  • Responding to inquiries
  • Meeting with potential customers, suppliers, distributors and other business collaborators
  • Registration and incorporation of your enterprise
  • Identifying and recommending optimal real estate sites/facilities for expansions 
  • Acting as the company representative to handle business negotiations and follow-up
  • Foreign Direct Investment promotion and lead generation for IPAs.

GeoBiz services are of particular value to companies and organizations that: 

  • Export to the US but the volume does not justify their own US branch office
  • Visited a trade show but received little/no response
  • Have no real experience in the US but want to enter the US marketplace
  • Are unable to penetrate the US market alone but will try again with outside (GeoBiz) help
  • Need a representative "on the ground" in the US to attract customers and/or investors
  • Require incubator services to get "up and running" in the US economy.  

Think of GeoBiz as being part of your professional staff and your "Swiss Army Knife" to get things done.










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